“Great Dutch combo that plays a delicious blend of surf and spaghetti western tunes – on this fabulous, well-orchestrated 2015 release you get 12 tunes, mostly twangy instrumentals, with just a few vocal tunes evenly placed throughout the disc.” (on A Greater Silence Album).
Double Crown

“The surfguitar and spaghetti western styles fit together so well and this is the blend that Dutch surf band The Surfaders explore on this album. It is sequenced as a western tale and the lyrics are printed inside… There is a lot of variety here…” (on A Greater Silence album)”
Alan Taylor – Pipeline Magazine

“Back in 2012 The Surfaders released the mighty fine “Dragstrip Murder Mystery” and it caught more than a few surf fans off guard.The band found itself firmly planted on the surf map and quickly became one of the surf bands to watch. Their blend of traditional, spaghetti, surf noir with a smearing of punk was and is refreshing and kinda kool. Now in 2015 there back, better and still have a few surprises too boot. The band’s sophomore effort “A Greater Silence” ups the game and changes direction. This puppy washes ashore with 12 original tunes that cover the usual ground of surf but this time out the band heads more into spaghetti western territory. Not only that we get vocals and not just on a couple of tracks but 5. (…) The Surfaders aren’t a band that’s afraid to change it up and push the boundaries. With “A Greater Silence” they prove that. This is a damn good album that manages to surprise, challenge you and leaves you wondering where The Surfaders go next. Recommended!!”
John Slam – Slams Reviews

“Spaghettiwestern seems to be a big theme on this album. There are a lot of cowboysongs on it, but the biggest treat is the fact that they added vocals to the mix! This album has a darker twist to it, more like the tracks of Zombie Ghost Train mixed with the sound of the Shadows or The Rapiers… In conclusion, I highly recommend buying this album! This unique mix between Spaghettiwestern and Ghostsurf, the voice on some tracks, its a great album! At the official releaseparty, I saw them again and they blew the roof off! Can’t wait for the next cd (on A Greater Silence album).”
Rocky –

“Excellent group from Holland who we recall from their inspiring first album “Dragstrip Murder Mystery” a while back and they are back with more. Surf and ’60s spaghetti western tunes which twang nicely with a couple of vocals which, strangely, add to the instrumentals with the guitar still outfront. The vocals are behind rather than in front of the main action which gives an unique sound… It’s another succesful sound with big originals, deep guitar and an atmosphere that puts the listener right there in the action. Loved it! (on A Greater Silence album)”
Dave Peckett – New Gandy Dancer

“The first track alone, “Dust from the Sun” has a genuine sentimentality to the guitar tone that reminds me of The Shadows best moments. That doesn’t end with the first track. Despite the overall spaghetti western direction on the album, “Sharkbait” is a towering straightforward surf number where the Surfaders’ two guitarists do a great job of working off of each other and giving each other room to impress (on A Greater Silence album).”
Hunter King – Storm Surge of Reverb

“Surf usually relaxes me, you listen to surf on a laisy afternoon. Song number three, Trouble In Tijuana falls in that category, with his relaxing stringpickin’ riff. But sometimes, just sometimes, i find some Surf i can dance to(Tequila by The Champs). Dragstrip Murder Mystery, the second and title track of the album, is such a song, a upbeat, fast jiver. But the best jiver, in my opinion, is track 9, Return Of The Reverb Kid! Also one of my favorites is track five, El Sheik, with his drum intro and fast guitar pickin’, although at the end it goes a little slow! Which isn’t bad, track 6 (A TRANQUIL END TO A SURFER’S DAY) also has a slow pitch in the beginning, but builds up the speed as the song continues. Conclusion: Though most of this songs are relaxing surfsongs, how surf is meant to be, some go a little further and make you want to get a girl and jive on the floor! (on Dragstrip Murder Mystery album)”
Rocky –

“Fabulous rocking 12 bar thumper “Creature from Beyond the Reef”in Dick Dale surf style opens up this CD and sets the style for this new set from the boys. Tons of reverb-energy on “Trouble in Tuijuana” before a more gentle “Interlude at Midnight Bay” with guitar sounds of the rolling surf. Totally original album and one of the guys should be proud: liked the drumming on “El Sheik”. “A Tranquil End to a surfer’s day” is just lush and is as good as any Sandals endless summer-instro from the sixties, and then it explodes into a big chorded rocking sequence. “Return of the Reverb Kid” is a goodly western surfer on an album which is a great start to 2013 (on Dragstrip Murder Mystery album).
Dave Peckett – New Gandy Dancer Magazine

“The electrifying instrumental “surf-noir” music of The Surfaders echoes the sounds of early ‘60s guitar heroes like Dick Dale and Davie Allan with a wink and a nod to 21st century guitar bands such as The Bambi Molesters and The Madeira. Taking the Surfaders’ debut album around the block for a couple of spins it’s more than satisfying to see today’s bands from Holland continuing the sights and sounds of vintage ‘60s instro music (on Dragstrip Murder Mystery album).”
Robert Silverstein –

“Surf fans, you’re going to love this… a mighty fine album (on Dragstrip Murder Mystery CD)”
Alan Taylor – Pipeline Magazine

“When I swiped The Surfaders’ CD from the dash of Duke’s ’56 Chevy, I just knew, knew, knew I had to own it. The Surfaders are the best I’ve heard lately and I do a lot of listening. The musicianship is extreme, as in muy perfecto. The writing shines and the overall cohesiveness from song to song makes Dragstrip Murder Mystery not just a musical CD, but an entrancing story (on Dragstrip Murder Mystery album).”
Emma Jade Gunn –

“Dragstrip Murder Mystery is the band’s debut album and it’s a mix bag of surf sounds that will please any surf fan.”
Johnny Slam – Slam's reviews

“The Surfaders – Dragstrip Murder Mystery CD (Turbasco) Wild, crazy, reverb drenched, double-picked instro madness from this group of Dutch rockers. Like fellow countrymen The Apemen in many ways, the band features skilled musicians that also know how to write great songs. They deftly combine surf, garage rock and spaghetti western, with a big sound that conjures up a variety of images in your head. Especially powerful is “Interlude At Midnight Bay” – a great song that even has a female vocalist (or it could be a musical saw) used for added atmosphere. Overall an excellent release that is solid from start to finish (on Dragstrip Murder Mystery album).”
Double Crown

“This is a splendid release, with loots of really good arranging, excellent playing, and engaging music. The Surfaders have their own character, fit firmly into the surf envelope, and yet are very original. Dragstrip Murder Mystery is a superb release (on Dragstrip Murder Mystery album).”
Phil Dirt – Reverb Central

“This Dutch band are somewhat new to the surf rock scene, but show off a knack for creating some great tunes with this 7 track CD-EP demo. It features 4 studio recordings and 3 songs from a radio session. I like the way these songs are crafted and the performances and guitar sounds are great throughout…” (on Surf Noir demo).
Double Crown Magazine

“The Surfaders is a Dutch surfband formed around ex-members of Golf-O’Rama, whom I liked a lot. The caliber of that band is certainly continued here. While only four songs are on the demo, they sure are cool!” (on Surf Noir demo)
Phil Dirt – Reverb Central