The Surfaders are probably the most unlikely, but therefore also one of the most exciting surf outfits of the Netherlands.
In the second decade of the 21st century, an unruly bunch of musical renegades from diverse backgrounds such as hardcore, progrock and americana suddenly found themselves united in their mutual love for thrashy Sci-fi, Horror and western flics. They set out to write the ultimate score for the B-movie to end all B-movies. Combining surf, garage rock and exotica they created an energetic and cinematic style they labelled “Surf-Noir”.

Their first album, “Dragstrip Murder Mystery” tells the story of such enigmatic characters as The Reverb Kid, The Cuban Spy and El Pistolero Desmemoradio and has received rave reviews all over planet earth. Now their somophore album “A Greater Silence” ventures even deeper in the shadowy world of gothic spaghetti western soundtracks.

Live The Surfaders’ sound conjures up images of Philip Marlow downing White Russians with the Dude at a South-Western Titty-Bar; of Nobody shooting it out with Vincent Vega during a storm at Key Largo; of Dr. Edward Morbius seducing Queen Yllana in a sweltering swamp on the red planet Mars.
Once the first note is struck, you cannot free yourself from the mesmerizing sounds of The Surfaders, and will dance away into the night…


Jonas Moberg: Guitar

Stephen de Ruijter: Guitar

Gaston Gelissen: Bass

JW Kerpershoek: Drums